You have a natural physical grace and a flair for clothes. It’s not wholly absurd to think you might one day start your own fashion line.

You favour the neutral look: aka the Everyman style. You feel clothes are not that interesting or important. It’s what’s inside that counts.

Style isn't your forte. People suspect your wardrobe choices are ironic. You're sometimes asked, ‘Are you really planning to go out like that?’


To arms! The world has gone to hell. The rich are loathsome and the poor powerless. The system stinks and what’s needed is a revolution.

Rules are usually there for a reason. You avoid rocking the boat. If something annoys you, you complain through the proper channels.

Nothing commands automatic respect. You judge each case separately and decide whether to play ball or follow a course of quiet defiance.


You own your own home or hope to. You may upgrade if finances allow. The ideal is a secure place in which to raise a healthy family.

Wherever you lay your hat, that’s your home. You get restless staying in the same place after a few months. Movement is freedom.

Your work involves regular travel. Each time you set out on a trip, you experience a thrill at the thought of life’s myriad possibilities.


Anyone who smokes is an idiot. And irresponsible in terms of the burden they place on the health service. The odd drink is all right.

You might die tonight so you may as well enjoy life. Skiing? Definitely. Sky diving? Why not? Base jumping? Sure. It’s all about the rush.

You get wasted fairly regularly but wouldn't say you have a dependency. You often wonder if insurance policies are really worth it.


You are an artist/musician/writer (basically you’re a creative type) and good at what you do. Sometimes you regard your life as a work of art.

You like to lose yourself in a novel. You dabble in photography. You have a strong creative side but have never found the right outlet for it.

You work in one of the professions. You prefer non-fiction books to novels and would take a blockbuster over some arthouse nonsense.


Love – unconditional and true – is a fiction invented by Hollywood. You do what’s right for you and don’t care how you’re judged.

Love is the greatest thing that can happen to anyone. It leads naturally to a commitment that lasts, and is the basis for building a family.

Love means sex in your 20s and marriage in your 30s. You’d be furious if cheated on, but you might cheat if you could get away with it.


You’re a natural showman – some would say a show-off. If you’re gay, no doubts it. If you’re straight, some have suspected otherwise.

Solitude appeals. The simple life. A hut. A lighthouse, perhaps. Sometimes everything most people care about seems ridiculous.

You acted a bit at school but suffer from mild stage fright. Still, you can make a reasonable enough speech when you absolutely have to.


Chatting on the phone isn’t really your thing. That said, after a few drinks, it’s sometimes hard to get you to shut up.

Words are your friends, the tools, perhaps, of your trade. Sometimes in conversation, you feel like a jazz musician improvising a solo.

‘They don’t say much. But you know that when they do, they really mean it’ – a comment you could imagine being made about you.

Emotional Self-Control

You cry a lot. You're also prone to lose your temper when provoked. You don’t see what’s wrong with this. Emotions shouldn’t be bottled up.

You're more likely to cry in a film than at a funeral. You get annoyed more often than angry. But there are times when anger is required.

If someone hit you, you'd just feel sorry for them. It's very hard to get a rise out of you. Like a mountain oak, you bend but do not break.

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